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Third-Party Risk Management

Vendor Risk Due Diligence Process

Create & Automate Best-Practice Vendor Risk Questionnaires

How do you create a faster, more rigorous, more efficient and less costly Vendor Risk program? It starts with automation and industry best practices. Watch our 45-minue webcast and learn how to automate the Standard Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire from Shared Assessments.

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TRID Compliance Software Webinar

TRID Compliance Trends & Third-Party Risk Automation

The increasing scrutiny from TRID compliance mandates is making it critical for lenders to have an oversight process to manage their vast web of vendor relationships. In the minds of regulators, lenders and servicers bear the ultimate responsibility for the actions of their vendors. Is your oversight process ready to mitigate that risk? Watch the webinar replay to learn about the latest trends in Third-Party Risk Management in the mortgage industry.

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Vendor Risk Management: Due Diligence Best Practices

Vendor Due Diligence – Keep the Risk Out!

It’s pretty fair to say that preventing risk is more preferable to managing it. That’s why your vendor due diligence process is so important: It gives you the opportunity to eliminate risk from third-parties before you go into business with them. Watch this 30-minute webinar replay and learn how to transform your due diligence process into an efficient and effective risk-reduction machine.

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Policy and Procedure Management

Policy & Procedure Management Webinar Replay

Compliance Week Webinar: Policy & Procedure Management

It's time to get your entire team on the same page and keep them there. Watch the replay of ProcessUnity's Policy and Procedure Management webcast (hosted by Compliance Week) and learn how to quickly and easily modernize your policy and procedure management practices. Our team of experts will demonstrate how to: 1) get your policies and procedures out of network directories, email attachments and three-ring binders; 2) implement a simple review process to update documents when regulations or requirements change; and, 3) introduce a fool-proof certification process that ensures your employees are always up-to-date

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Policy and Procedure Management: Get Your House in Order

Effective policy and procedure management has never been as important as it is today. A successful program enables you to manage expectations – how you expect your employees to perform, how regulators expect your company to operate, and how your customers and partners expect you to protect their reputations. While the merits of a strong policy and procedure management program are clear, many organizations struggle with the steps (and the time) to implement one. Watch ProcessUnity's on-demand webinar (30-minute running time) and learn how to quickly and easily modernize your policy and procedure management practices.

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Regulatory Update: The FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT)

On June 30, 2015 the FFIEC released a new resource for financial institutions and banks called the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT). According to regulators, this tool is being provided today as a guide to help examiners and financial institutions rate their cybersecurity maturity and understand their risk for a cybersecurity attack. However, some accompanying notes in the corresponding OCC Bulletin indicate that regulators will begin to require cybersecurity oversight in the very near future. What does that mean for your organization? Now is the time to get your cybersecurity house in order before the examiners that come knocking. Watch this 30-minute webinar replay and learn what you need to understand in the guidance provided by the FFIEC and how to take action to address gaps.

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Offer Management

Be the Offer Management Hero in Your Organization

To stay competitive (and independent), benefit plan providers need a new way of thinking. They also need change agents throughout their organizations to make it happen. The new way of thinking is Offer Management. The change agent is you. Watch the 30-minute webinar replay and learn how Offer Management is helping forward-thinking plan providers reduce costs and complexity, improve customer satisfaction and boost profitability.

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Make This Year’s Enrollment Better

Watch ProcessUnity's 30-minute executive web clinic and learn how to streamline your onboarding process this year. Despite the volume and complexity of online enrollments, many payers and private exchanges have successfully streamlined their processes – including one industry leader who found success in just 30 days.

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Product and Service Offer Management

Discover how forward-thinking providers are improving their Offer Management capabilities to reduce cost and complexity, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and generate maximum profit.

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