ProcessUnity for Risk Managers

Flexible Frameworks and Powerful Tools for Comprehensive, Automated Risk Management

Risk managers look at their organization’s strategic goals, identify obstacles that may keep the company from reaching those goals, and determine how best to avoid those obstacles. It’s a difficult job when you consider the range of risks that may be present, from environmental hazards to operational issues and third-party vendors.

To be effective, risk managers need to perform a number of key functions:

  • Assess and prioritize risks according to the level of threat they pose and likelihood of exposure
  • Monitor, track and mitigate risks
  • Be prepared to show regulators and executives how risks are identified and managed

Risk Management Automation with ProcessUnity

ProcessUnity’s cloud-based suite of governance, risk and compliance management applications enables organizations to address specific risk challenges including:

With ProcessUnity, organizations effectively track and manage risks using:

  • A flexible framework that helps managers define, categorize and prioritize risks
  • Tools for developing a risk management program and consistently maintaining it
  • Built-in processes for ongoing risk monitoring and assessment
  • Automated business rules that calculate risk based upon specified criteria

ProcessUnity’s automated platform creates a single system of record for risk throughout an enterprise, enabling risk managers to easily:

  • Determine risk profiles, conduct trend analysis and identify systemic issues
  • Calculate risk ratings using consistent language and criteria
  • Create and manage a comprehensive program for managing third-party risk
  • Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and create more time for more strategic mitigation and remediation activities

With powerful reporting and interactive dashboards, ProcessUnity makes it far easier to prepare for audits and communicate plans and results to executives:

  • Quickly assemble all the data auditors require
  • Easily collect and consolidate information for executive review
  • Demonstrate sound, automated, repeatable processes for managing risk

For more information on ProcessUnity’s cloud-based suite of governance, risk and compliance management applications or to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us.