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Grow Highly Satisfied, Profitable Client Accounts

As the day-to-day face of the organization, relationship managers have high expectations and weighty goals – such as increase client satisfaction, meet retention goals and drive growth in client accounts. Every relationship expert wants to provide meaningful strategies for clients; unfortunately, many are too busy putting out operational fires. To be more strategic, they need instant access to key information to more proactively identify solutions for their clients.

ProcessUnity’s product and service Offer Management solution creates a single, trusted source of product and service information. Combined with client usage metrics, service health ratings and best practice/benchmark data, ProcessUnity enables relationship managers to:

  • Understand the products and services each of their clients use, increasing retention rates
  • Access detailed information about the product offering and preferred solutions
  • Respond to custom requests quickly and with best practice suggestions
  • Focus their efforts on the right accounts for the right reasons
  • Take steps to address any issues, close gaps and reduce costly service options
  • Benchmark against peer clients to strengthen the value of the overall relationship

processunity provides relationship managers with:

  • Detailed information about preferred solutions in client-friendly terms
  • A strategic point-of-view on how and why to fill product gaps including client proof points
  • Clearly articulated governance policies for determining custom client requests
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) fee or non-fee based client information

with processunity, relationship managers can quickly and accurately answer critical questions, including:

  • Which services do my clients value most?
  • Where can I get a detailed list of exceptions and customizations by client?
  • Who are my most, and least, profitable clients?
  • How can I add more value and drive our strategic goals during annual client business planning?
  • Which services are other clients – similar to mine – adopting?

Relationship managers are on the front line of service delivery. ProcessUnity reduces the time spent researching custom service requests, giving client teams more time to spend on higher-value activities that result in account growth and increased customer satisfaction.

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