Use Cases

Policy & Procedure Management (PPM)

Enforce Standards for Policy and Procedure Documentation and Certification

You create policies and procedures to establish appropriate behaviors, track conformance and demonstrate compliance. Your policies, and the procedures that support them, reach far beyond human resource concerns to create the foundation for your operations: how your people transact business ethically and effectively from, for example, the origination of loans and the setting of terms, to the negotiation of contracts and the pricing of offers.

But in too many enterprises, ideal procedures are undermined by a lack of practical policy management. Documentation is chaotic; communications confused. And inevitable changes—demanded by regulators and market conditions—can make weak controls even worse. ProcessUnity’s Policy and Procedure Management solution replaces potential chaos with powerful controls, establishing one simple, standard system for administering policy lifecycles, certifying communications, assessing performance, and managing exceptions and issues. A cloud-based application, the ProcessUnity solution gives everyone in your organization, regardless of location, direct and immediate access to the policies and procedures they need to fulfill their obligations in accordance with your standards.

One Policy Management System to Standardize Your Processes

Through our solution, you can:

  • Control policy documents throughout their lifecycle, from creation through approval, revision, and distribution
  • Track and record “read and understood” certifications among personnel
  • Manage policy reviews, assessments and changes from a single dashboard
  • Monitor exceptions, incidents, and violations, and create reports