ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management

Cybersecurity Governance

Gain Control and Maintain Oversight Over Policies, Procedures, Employee Training and Access

While threats, risks and high-value assets are often synonymous with cybersecurity, organizations must have visibility into other components of their enterprise cybersecurity program. Employee awareness and training programs, policies and procedures and user access are all areas that impact the performance rating of enterprise controls. Mapping these critical program components to relevant controls is a must for establishing a comprehensive view of organizational cybersecurity. Security teams need to verify that employees follow all mandated policies and processes, identify security gaps and pinpoint how these weaknesses align with controls. The lack of information around these key components of a security program can hamper a CISO’s ability to gain true visibility into cybersecurity control effectiveness. 

With ProcessUnity CPM’s Cybersecurity Governance capabilities, organizations: 

  • Align policies and procedures with controls, regulations and standards to identify and remediate gaps  
  • Gain oversight of employee training programs and automate attestation activity 
  • Maintain a current and reusable repository for all client due diligence requests
  • Centralize user access information and drive user access review activities 


Gain Visibility Across Policies, Procedures and Controls

At many organizations, CISOs and security leaders have incomplete information on the status of the controls, processes, policies and procedures that stakeholders have implemented to identify and manage cybersecurity risks. They remain unsure if those processes and controls are adequate or whether gaps exist that need to be addressed. 

ProcessUnity CPM provides a means of cataloging and mapping policies to controls, automating a consistent review process and driving any associated issues through to mitigation. 

Ensure Employees Are Trained and Aware of All Relevant Policies and Procedures

Periodic review and acknowledgment activities must be conducted to ensure all employees are aware of and compliant with internal procedures. Organizations need to be able to verify that training has been provided and employees have attested they have read and understood all relevant policies. With ProcessUnity CPM, assessments and questionnaires can be automatically sent on a predetermined schedule. Built-in tracking and escalation drive activities to conclusion and provide the documentation needed for any audit activity.   

Maintain a Due Diligence Repository​ to Drive Consistency and Speed

While due diligence requests are a necessary cost of doing business, maintaining a current and reusable repository for all client due diligence requests can ease this burden. With ProcessUnity CPM, organizations can organize, store and search a library of cybersecurity due diligence responses to speed and simplify client assurance activities. A central repository of gold-master responses and supporting evidence allows due diligence requests to be delegated to less expensive resources. 

Automate Reviews to Ensure User Access Controls Are Maintained

It’s critical to understand the systems, applications and programs employees can access to ensure that the appropriate controls are maintained. Employees, teams, contractors and other key individuals involved in the organization’s daily operations must be granted or denied the proper access level. ProcessUnity CPM centralizes this information, automates review schedules, includes the notifications and escalation routing necessary to ensure completion, and tracks the entire process to document compliance.