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Vendor Risk Management On-Site Control Assessments

Managing third-party (and even fourth-party) risk across a variety of domains can be challenging. From questionnaire scoping and distribution to response analysis and reporting, the third-party assessment process is complex and time-consuming. Many organizations don’t have the internal resources to keep up with assessment administration or they lack the specialized expertise needed to generate actionable risk intelligence. That’s where ProcessUnity’s Assessments as a Service can help.

ProcessUnity has partnered with leading consulting firms to offer Assessments as a Service, outsourced, end-to-end third-party risk assessment services for organizations using our cloud-based Vendor Risk Management (VRM) program. With Assessments as a Service, your organization can outsource both tactical assessment activities and value-added risk analysis, freeing internal resources to focus on strategic priorities. It’s an effective way to extend your team with proven experts, scale to handle volume spikes, and make decisions based on trusted results to drive VRM program success.

Why Outsource Vendor Risk Assessments?

Vendor Risk Management Assessment Reviews
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    More Resources

    Extend your team with world-class third-party risk management experts​

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    Improved Quality

    Achieve timely and thorough completion of assessments during a volume spike​

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    Better Decisions

    Gather the right risk intelligence to enable informed management decisions​

Explore the benefits of outsourcing third-party assessments through ProcessUnity.

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