Vendor SLA Monitoring

Track vendor SLAs and report on key performance indicators

Every vendor engagement is a work in progress. To manage that progress, you need an efficient way to track vendor SLAs, documents KPIs, monitor activity, record observations, and review overall status at a glance.

Review Vendor SLA metrics with built-in reports.

Vendor Cloud provides a common platform, accessible to all authorized parties, on which they compare vendor activity against established service level agreements (SLAs). Through the platform you are able to:

  • Document SLAs on one dashboard for instant visibility.
  • Invite authorized parties, both in your organization and in your vendor’s, to record performance.
  • Set threshold terms and alerts to establish acceptable data points and distribute alerts when they are not met.
  • Create trend reports for management assessment on the dashboard.


For more information on Vendor Cloud or to schedule a live demonstration, please contact us.