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Positively Impact Customer Satisfaction Through a Consultative Sales Process

In markets with complex products and services, customer satisfaction begins with a prospect’s first interactions with sales, making that team’s role ever so important during the buying process. Access to accurate product and service information is vital to a sales team’s day-to-day activities:

  • Develop targeted account and territory plans
  • Respond to proposal requests quickly and accurately
  • Explore cost-effective alternatives with prospects
  • Smoothly hand off new clients to the implementation team

ProcessUnity’s product and service Offer Management solution creates a single, trusted source of product information, enabling sales teams to:

  • Understand best-fit client features
  • Match prospects’ requirements to the best service offerings available
  • Price services appropriately
  • Steer prospects towards preferred services
  • Proactively share information on what other services similar clients are adopting

ProcessUnity provides sales professionals with:

  • Definitive service offerings that are easily articulated in the market
  • Client trends that improve consultation and thought leadership
  • Immediate access to preferred service pricing scenarios and the cost implications of exceptions
  • A channel to influence product and service offerings based on market and competitor observations
  • Details on service adoption to quickly identify client references.

This insight enables sales teams to quickly and accurately answer critical questions, including:

  • We have the sale – with one custom feature. How do I get it approved?
  • Where can I get a list of exceptions, before I meet with pricing?
  • Has this enhancement been approved for previous prospects?
  • What do I need to do to hand the client off to the implementation team?

With ProcessUnity, sales teams have access to the information they need to change the conversation with prospects, ultimately resulting in a consultative sale that positively impacts customer satisfaction.

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