Product Managers

Develop Innovative Offerings. Eliminate Product Gaps.

Product managers are the first line of response for product questions from sales, implementation and relationship management. The volume of daily requests hamper their ability to perform their primary responsibilities:

  • Drive the strategic roadmap
  • Identify and remedy gaps in the product offering
  • Develop a true understanding of service profitability
  • Evaluate the risk profile of the product portfolio

A single, trusted solution

ProcessUnity’s product and service Offer Management solution creates a single, trusted source of product information, enabling product management to close out requests quickly and focus their efforts on higher-value activities:

  • Develop highly competitive product offerings – complete with success measures, development estimates, and anticipated return on investment
  • Identify and close critical gaps in the product line
  • Analyze the cost of client exceptions
  • Eliminate underutilized and lower-margin offerings

through processunity, product professionals gain:

  • Immediate access to the facts and data they need to inform product strategies
  • The ability to quickly assess the impact of custom enhancements from internal partners and identify viable alternatives
  • Insight into product adoption trends

with such data at their fingertips, product managers quickly and accurately answer critical product and service offering questions, including:

  • Are your products competitive in the market?
  • How do you drive client adoption of your preferred services?
  • How do you convert employees into passionate advocates of your offering?
  • What is the actual return on investment and customer adoption for your product?
  • What should be your top investments for your annual budget planning?

Greater transparency to client usage metrics, product costs and operational risks helps product managers proactively drive the strategic roadmap and deliver highly competitive products to the marketplace.

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