Efficient Risk & Compliance Management

Certification Management

Issue and Monitor the Response to Regular and Ad Hoc Requests for Certification by Internal and External Business Participants

Most compliance programs – and their associated regulations and corporate policies – require individual managers to certify that certain actions have been taken or that certain conditions are true. Companies are responsible for requesting such certifications and for making sure that all have been received and recorded. When multiple compliance programs and many managers are involved, this task can rapidly become a serious administrative challenge.

ProcessUnity’s Certification Management is a cloud-based solution that streamlines and enhances control over enterprise certification and attestation processes, removing much of the risk and administrative burden associated with soliciting and tracking certification requests and receiving and recording the certification responses.

With ProcessUnity Certification Management, organizations:

  • Develop and issue custom certifications tailored to meet a variety of regulatory and internal business requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 302 certification and attestation to internal incident reporting by business area managers
  • Maintain multiple certification templates for specific certification types, business areas or locations
  • Distribute certification requests to specific individuals or dynamically to those responsible for ensuring compliance in particular areas of the business or for particular aspects of corporate governance
  • Issue certifications automatically on a pre-defined schedule or as needed
  • View certification responses, progress, and performance instantly in dynamic, real-time monitoring reports