ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management

Cybersecurity Third-Parties Register

Inventory, Assess and Monitor Third-Party Cyber Risk

Chief information security officers (CISOs) and other security leaders are increasingly challenged to demonstrate that their organization — and associated third parties — have policies, processes and controls to protect enterprise data in a manner compliant with regulatory and industry standards.  

To effectively manage their cybersecurity posture, organizations must inventory the data and assets that their third parties can access while evaluating the value the third party brings. They must also assess each third party’s security practices to understand how well organizational data are protected. 

With the Third-Party Register extension for ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management,organizations can:    

  • Create a centralized register of all third parties, vendors and suppliers 
  • Map third parties to enterprise cybersecurity controls to identify and reduce external risk
  • Assign internal owners for all vendor relationships for accountability   
  • Create an automated internal review process for ongoing third-party monitoring  
  • Track vendor issues through to remediation 
  • Quickly produce management reports on the state of third-party cyber risk   
Sourcing RFx Database

Third Party Cyber Risk

Centralize Vendor Information in the Third-Party Catalog 

ProcessUnity CPM’s Third-Party Register provides a central repository for all information related to an organization’s vendor ecosystem. The system captures and manages company information, contact details and assessment history, streamlining internal control reviews for an entire third-party population. 

Data from vendor due diligence, onboarding, vendor risk assessments, control assessments and ongoing monitoring efforts is maintained in ProcessUnity to provide CISOs with a more holistic understanding of the enterprise’s cybersecurity status. 

Automate Third-Party Risk Assessments with Powerful Workflow

ProcessUnity Hands-Free Automation keeps vendor assessment processes on track throughout the year. The platform distributes control reviews to internal stakeholders on a pre-defined schedule and provides real-time visibility into the third-party risk assessment status, helping cybersecurity teams monitor and drive third-party control activities to completion.  

Map Cybersecurity Controls to Third Parties

Not all vendors warrant the same level of attention – some need more risk oversight than others. ProcessUnity CPM’s Third-Party Register maps vendors’ risks to relevant controls with an organization’s cybersecurity framework to determine risk exposure across the entire vendor population.    

Comprehensive Third-Party Coverage and Cybersecurity Preparedness

ProcessUnity CPM’s Third-Party Register ensures comprehensive control coverage for every relevant regulation and standard, streamlines compliance and provides the necessary insight to drive risk and compliance assurances. By mapping each third party to relevant regulations and standards and the organization’s own internal controls, ProcessUnity CPM provides visibility into the security preparedness of its third parties, the cybersecurity risk they pose to the organization and overall control effectiveness.