ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management

Cybersecurity Applications Register

Inventory and Assess High-Value Applications and Their Associated Risk

No enterprise is completely immune to cyber-attacks. Organizations must understand the risks that their infrastructure, applications and data may pose to the business. It is critical to secure and maintain applications organization-wide to reduce risk. 

ProcessUnity CPM’s Applications Register helps security leaders automate risk evaluations, perform control reviews, conduct application assessments and capture compliance evidence on a pre-defined schedule. The platform synthesizes all this data into comprehensive reports that provide a clear understanding of each application’s exact value and potential risk to the organization. 

With ProcessUnity CPM’s Application Register organizations:   

  • Determine each application’s potential risk impact 
  • Map applications to enterprise controls and industry regulations and standards 
  • Maintain organization-wide accountability for all critical applications 
  • Reduce the time to perform application risk reviews  
  • Track and remediate all risk issues related to applications 
  • Objectively classify, track and mitigate application risk 

Centralize Applications in a Risk Registry

Applications are considered “high-value”  if they store personal, financial or mission-critical data that attract regulatory scrutiny. CISOs need the ability to inventory and assess high-value applications and map these assets to their controls to provide business context for cybersecurity risk.  

ProcessUnity CPM’s Application Register provides a central repository for documenting high-value applications, including the data they pertain to and all related risks. This information is mapped to industry regulations and standards content to streamline internal application control reviews.  

Assign Application Owners 

By integrating application owners, you gain a more informed picture of your applications, the data and its influences. In addition, by involving owners in application assessments, you establish a complete view of the application’s performance. ProcessUnity CPM’s Applications Register facilitates easy application owner assignments and has the necessary workflow, routing, reminders and notifications built into the solution to ensure assessments are completed on schedule.  

Apply an Application Risk Methodology

ProcessUnity CPM’s Applications Register enables the security team to objectively assign risk classifications to applications across the enterprise. Cybersecurity teams can effectively evaluate where each application fits into the corporate risk landscape and how these assets can be best protected. By assessing applications at the program level, you will be able to identify shared weaknesses and strengths, providing a better understanding of how these applications influence decisions about the evaluation of controls 

Automate Workflow, Assessments and Issue Tracking

Not every application needs to be reviewed with the same frequency. ProcessUnity CPM’s Applications Register categorizes by risk criticality to help determine how often an application should be reviewed. ProcessUnity’s assessment engine automates queries to application owners across high-value applications. Automated application reviews streamline the process and eliminate the busy work associated with manual review processes.  

Automated workflows ensure application reviews are distributed to the right internal stakeholders at the right time while keeping program activities on track throughout the year. ProcessUnity CPM’s Application Register provides visibility into assessment statuses, helping monitor and drive control review activities to completion. Built-in reminders and automated escalation for overdue tasks keep stakeholders focused on their tasks. 

Issues identified from applications assessments are cataloged and resolved directly within the platform.