GRC2020 Research Analysis

Value Snapshot: ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management

Independent research conducted by GRC2020 measures how organizations benefit when they replace their manual processes with ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management. Listen to the short clips below to find out where your organization can add value in your third-party risk processes with ProcessUnity.

GRC 2020 Third-Party Risk Management Software ROI

Key ProcessUnity Value Findings

    Key Value Findings

    Michael explains how ProcessUnity helps you manage risk, not documents.

    GRC2020 Research Methodology

      Research Methodolgy

      Hear how Michael objectively evaluated ProcessUnity users across various industries.

      Third-Party Risk Management and Oversight

        Management and Oversight

        ProcessUnity users spend approximately 50% less time on third-party risk oversight and management activities.

          Vendor Onboarding

          GRC 20/20’s analysis concludes that ProcessUnity users reduce onboarding time to an average of 3 hours per vendor onboarded.

          Vendor Ongoing Monitoring

            Ongoing Monitoring

            ProcessUnity results in a minimum time efficiency savings of 85% for ongoing assessments and monitoring.

            Third-Party Risk Reporting & Analytics

              Reporting & Analytics

              With ProcessUnity, the time spent on case reporting and metrics is, estimated conservatively, 10% of the time organizations used to spend in manual processes.

              Value Breakdown: Large Organizations

                Value Breakdown: Large Organizations

                Large organizations may generate an ROI of over $14.8 million over 5 years.

                Value Breakdown: Medium Organization

                  Value Breakdown: Medium Organizations

                  Medium organizations may generate an ROI of over $5.9 million over 5 years.

                  Small Organization Value

                    Value Breakdown: Small Organizations

                    Small organizations may generate an ROI of over $2.9 million over 5 years.

                    Lasting Benefits & ROI

                      Lasting Benefits & ROI

                      Create holistic risk visibility with efficient processes.

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