Audit Request Management

Audit Management Software – Regulatory Request Management

Manage and fulfill requests for documentation and other information from external parties. Monitor and report on fulfillment progress.

Today’s corporations are confronted with multiple, recurrent requests for information and documentation from third parties such as regulatory bodies, external auditors, partners, and customers. These requests can be often overlapping, sometimes scheduled, frequently unannounced.

ProcessUnity Audit and Regulatory Request Management simplifies the process of responding to these requests, enabling companies to act quickly and with a high level of confidence in the accuracy, currency, and appropriateness of the documentation and information they provide. Easy-to-use document request management features enable an organized, transparent, and highly efficient process for receiving, assigning, and fulfilling requests — a process that eliminates duplicate activity and automatically captures a definitive record of request / fulfillment transactions.

During the course of a year, a company may be subject to multiple audits or assessments. For example, the organization may be audited by the internal audit group, external auditors, regulatory assessors, and SAS 70 auditors. Each assessment may focus on different sets of controls, but there will also be considerable overlap in assessment targets. Each assessment will involve significant information gathering, documentation review, and testing for the audit team as well as substantial manpower support from the audited organization, and every hour spent will be a direct cost to the audited organization. ProcessUnity Audit Manager provides tools to make audits and assessments quicker, less-painful, and cheaper. Four styles of assessment are supported: controls assessments, process assessments, IT systems assessments, and assessments directly against the provisions of a regulation or standard.

  • Respond to planned and ad-hoc requests from auditors, regulators, customers, and partners with pre-defined and ad-hoc content.
  • Record key request-related actions and events such as assignment, submission for review, posting of questions and comments, and approval / completion of the provided documentation and information.
  • Maintain an up-to-date library of standard documents and responses.
  • Provide authorized third-parties with controlled, secure access to requested documentation and information